quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

A week at the airport - Norwegian Wood

 Os livros de Haruki Murakami são repletos de citações da  cultura pop, com dezenas de nomes de escritores, livros, filmes, músicas, etc. Mas essa foi a primeira vez que vi um livro seu citado na obra de alguém.

Num pequeno trecho do livro A Week at the airport (Uma semana no aeroporto), do escritor Alain de Botton, Norwegian Wood aparece, coincidentemente num aeroporto, local da cena inicial do livro do japonês. Segue o trecho, em inglês:

Not far from the incautiously hopeful man, a pair of lovers were parting. She must have been  twenty-three, he a few years older. There was a copy of Haruki Murakami`s Norwegian Wood in her bag.  They both wore oversize sunglasses and had come of age in the period between SARS and swine flu. It was the intensity of their kiss that first attracted my attention, but what had seemed like passion from afar was revealed at closer range to be an unusual degree of devastation. She was shaking with sorrowful disbelief as he cradled her in his arms and stroked her wavy black hair, in which a clip shaped like a tulip had been fastened. Again and again, they looked into each other`s eyes and every time, as though made newly aware of the catastrophe about the befall  them, they would begin weeping once more.

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